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“Christoph Bull likes organ music, rock music and rocking organ music.”

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A note from Christoph, July 2018:

Greetings from Germany!

I’m having a great time in Mannheim with my German family (mom, sister, brother + six nieces and nephews) and Maximilian Adrian Sebastian, aged five and a quarter, who’s having a fantastic time and talking about moving here. (However, we will fly back to Los Angeles on August 3, as planned :)

In spite of the German team being eliminated in the group stages of the World Cup in Football (you know, the kind of football that’s actually played with the feet), I’m enjoying the tournament in an unattached way. 

I’m also about to resume work with producer Michael Herberger from the band Söhne Mannheims on an album we started a while ago. I’m continuing work on my musical 'Treasure Island - Die Schatzinsel' (co-written with Tim Mathews) which was performed in Potsdam a few weeks ago, courtesy of entrepreneurs Stephan Hoffstadt and Verena Turba. And next week I’m meeting with my future collaborators, visual artists Clemens and Nick Prokop ( It’s our goal to present an epic Organ & Visuals event in 2019 and 2020, both in the States and here in Germany. 

I’m also catching up with several hard drives worth of recordings and videos that I’ve compiled over the years. In other words, 2018 is more about recording, editing, mixing, organizing and planning than recent years which were more about live performances. 

However, starting on August 5, 2018, you can catch me at beautiful Neo-Gothic First Congregational Church of Los Angeles, resuming our offerings of weekly half-hour Prelude-Concerts on Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. (

In the meantime, I’m wishing everybody a fantastic Summer.                          Thanks for checking out                                                      You’re invited to take some time and enjoy it fully!

CB, Mannheim, Germany, July of 2018