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Ali Ali Ali

by Christoph Bull

Released 2016
C Bull Run Music
Released 2016
C Bull Run Music
An original tribute song to Muhammad Ali in the style of John-Lennon-meets-George-Clinton and featuring Ali in his own words.
Composer, Vocals, Accordion, Programming: Christoph Bull
Guitar: Ricky Rouse
Recording Engineer: Paul Moser
Mixing Engineer: Rafa Sardina

© 2016 C Bull Run Music.
Use by permission only.

Lyrics by Christoph Bull:

Once upon a time we still had a king
The best show ever in and out of the ring
Rope-a-dope and Ali shuffle put the magic in the scuffle
Louisville Lip
Ever so hip
A man who stood up for what he believed

Ali, Ali, Ali
Ali, Ali, Ali
Floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee
This is the story of Muhammad Ali

A universe of One from the House of Shock
He danced around the globe fighting for God
In Zaire and in Manila
All the world could feel the thrilla
Full of grace
Beyond all race
He said what nobody else would say

(repeat chorus)

When he faced his longest fight
The battle with the speed of life
Again, he found the truth inside
Living on the power of will
Slowing down and floating still
Following the light divine
The greatest of all time

(repeat chorus)