Giving the organ some 1960s cool, Christoph Bull crosses genres and has fun in organica

L.A. Times


The rock star of the organ world.

John Rabe (KPCC, NPR)


New artists like Christoph Bull can change the way audiences hear organ music.

Tom Schnabel (KCRW) 


Those with open minds and hearts will be intrigued and delighted.

The American Organist 


Bull brings a fresh, unconventional approach to the organ both as interpreter and as improviser/composer.

The American Organist


An international recitalist, he is a strong advocate for the popularization of the organ.

The American Organist


Since arriving in Los Angeles, Christoph Bull has made his presence felt as a charismatic musician well versed in jazz, film, pop and classical styles.

Gramophone Magazine

                                                                                                                        A surprisingly intimate look at the organ.

The Huffington Post

I couldn’t stop listening to it [the album] for a week – it was that good!
The Daily Pilot


An eye-opening, generation-crossing look into the world of organ music, state of the art, thanks to the amazing, talented and endearing Christoph Bull.

Beverly Hills Outlook


Multimedia at its up-to-date finest.



[Bull] served up a massive, moving sound [with] conspicuous musicality, serious chops and deep instrumental understanding.

L.A. Times 


Thank you for bringing the organ into the 21st century.

Concertgoer, Hilleroed, Denmark


He plays like an angel.

Marie-Claire Alain


That guy is ridiculous.

George Clinton (Parliament Funkadelic)


That made me pee all over myself!

Bootsy Collins (Parliament Funkadelic)


He’s a baller organist.

Tiffany Liu (Student, Chapman University)


The best three hours of my life.

Student (Apperson Elementary School) 


The minister's wife said that it took about three hours for her heart to slow down after your concert.

Lynn Clock (Lompoc FUMC)


Your playing was so crystal clear and rhythmic – just what I love to hear. You appealed especially to the younger generation in the audience – a refreshing change!

Laurell Huber (Music Faculty Cal State Fresno, Fresno Pacific University)


Congratulations for a successful recital at Royce Hall.  It's good to see someone is generating interest in the organ from "the younger generation."

Kevin Gilchrist (Organ Builder)


You're doing for the world of organ what Tiger Woods is doing for the game of golf!  Now everyone will love coming to an organ concert.

Gerry Biggs McGrath (American Guild Of Organists)


You made an organ concert into a multi-media event - dare I say "a happening"!  

David Schubach (Former Vice President Local 47 Musicians Union)


Quite a show. I loved it. Lighting effects were perfectly matched with the sounds. The best part of it, in some ways, was that the audience were not the usual hard-core classical fans, but young people eager for new sonic experiences. You're doing good work. Enjoyed your remarks; you have a showman's flair and your own summer-of-love style.

Rodney Punt (The Huffington Post)


You obviously bring a dimension to those events that have that special appeal to the younger set.

Manuel Rosales (Organ Builder)


I was surprised at the huge turnout for an organ concert.

Bob Myers (Blogger)


Bach himself would have given you a standing ovation.

Jennifer Zobelein (Writer, A Forrest Of Pipes)


Your rhythm is the best I’ve heard of any organist and your fingers move like hummingbird wings.

Catherine Walker (Dean American Guild of Organists, San Joaquin Valley Chapter)


A particular high point for me, as an educator for 34 years, was observing your warm and engaging interaction with the children.  The concert was an experience that many of them will never forget.

Paul Gossard (Eureka Summer Arts Camp)


Christoph Bull is the only organist that can give Cameron Carpenter a run for his money.

Craig Zobelein (Organist/Entertainer)


It speaks volumes for an artist to personalize the pipe organ.

Ken Goldstein (Six Shooter Company)


It was fascinating to listen to the critics in the audience. They find you to be innovative, futuristic, extremely talented, an artists like no other, a style all your own. They say the things you do on the organ cannot be compared to anyone else. You are unique.

Gregory Ross Miller (Pianist)


Have never heard such a unique, innovative performance as this one by Christoph Bull.

Pam Langston (Organist)


The most versatile musician on the planet

Jim Raycroft (Los Angeles Master Chorale)



                                                                                                                    Der Mann gilt an der Westküste der Vereinigten Staaten als deutscher Superstar an der Orgel. Christoph Bull macht seinem Ruf alle Ehre und spielt ein beeindruckendes Konzert.    

Mannheimer Morgen  

                                                                                                                      Bewegt und begeistert waren auch die zahlreichen Orgelfreunde, erlebten sie doch ein Orgelkonzert unterschiedlichster Stile: von der Neuklassik über eigene Arrangements und Improvisationen Bulls bis hin zum orgelnden Jazz. Ein ungewöhnliches Konzert mit einem Schuss amerikanischer Lockerheit. Vielleicht befreite das Konzert die Orgel sogar etwas von ihrem einengenden Heiligenschein.

Ladenburger Woche


Großartig. Bach-Fuge wie für die Love Parade.

Kerstin Zilm (ARD Radio)


Virtuosen gibt es viele, aber Christoph Bull ist auch ein Klangzauberer.

Wolfgang Riedel (Organist)


Christoph Bull spielt wie der zweite Sohn vom lieben Gott.

Otto Maria Krämer (Organist)